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PCA Online Life

What is life like at PCA Online?

We are excited by the future of PCA Online and how we will continue to partner with families to provide a Kingdom education. We challenge our students to think critically and Christianly. We provide service project opportunities because we know our students learn to lead through serving others. The results of a recent survey will provide a glimpse of life and learning at PCA Online.

  • "PCA Online is helping me embrace biblical truths through the Bible curriculum. This Bible course is amazing. It is helping me understand different worldviews so that I can be a better witness."
  • "Personally, my favorite thing about PCA Online is that everyone involved, from my family, teachers, fellow classmates and administrative staff, is so helpful in my growth as a student and as a Christian. I feel that every day I get stronger in the Lord because I’m learning how to talk to God and hear His answers."
  • "The PCA Online program influences me to act in Christ-like ways around my friends, family, home, the gym and the community."
  • "PCA Online teaches us to give back to our community. We learn to manage our time and do things independently. It helps us learn skills that we can use later in life. And most importantly, we learn to diligently serve God."