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Portrait of a Graduate

What does a PCA Graduate look like?

PCA uses the metaphor of a portrait to explain the qualities desired for each one of our students! We pray that every PCA student will embody the qualities we envision when we think of what a future PCA graduate will look like.

Although the primary molders of these “portraits” or students are the parents, the school’s influence plays a significant part. What qualities does PCA aspire to produce in its students?

We hope students graduate from PCA with a reverence for God, eternal perspective, humility, specific process of learning that involves rigor, high expectations and accountability.

You can read more about each of our portrait qualities below and watch the videos which highlight a story of a student or alumni who well represent a characteristic of the Portrait.


Reverence for God

Critical Thinking

Christ-Like Humility

Eternal Persepective

Scholastic Excellence

The biblical teachings are an integral part of our daughter's life. That coupled with a strong academic program is very important to us and is done extremely well at PCA.

PCA Parent