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Families select PCA Online as the preferred educational solution for their children for a variety of reasons.

Students can enroll in one course to supplement their current academics or enroll as full-time students desiring to earn a diploma.

PCA Online offers students the opportunity to complete coursework:

  • On-campus at Prestonwood Christian Academy (Lower, Middle and Upper School)
  • Virtually through PCA Online (Grades 6-12)
  • Through a customized combination of the two, known as our shared on-campus program. (Grades 6-12)

PCA Online provides full-time online students and shared on-campus students with a diploma track and the opportunity to graduation from the fully accredited PCA Online.

Programs such as National Honor Society, Spiritual Life, Community and Biblical Worldview Institute differentiate PCA Online from other virtual learning institutions.

We offer Sixth through Twelfth Grade accredited, biblically integrated, rigorous online course work with certified teachers.

PCA Online offers flexible scheduling and can assist any parent who desires a non-traditional education setting for their child. Parents with student gymnasts, golfers, dancers, do education differently. They find PCA Online to be the perfect solution. Serving students from around the world, PCA Online is accredited through AdvancED and core courses are NCAA eligible.

I faced many health emergencies and other trials throughout my pre-teen and teenage years, and PCA Online has been the perfect solution for me the past six years. Despite these challenges, I have not only been able to stay on track academically due to the flexibility but will also enter my Freshman year of college in the fall with 15 credit hours thanks to the dual credit opportunities offered through PCA Online. I am deeply grateful that PCA Online provided a flexible school option for me to receive Kingdom education and be well-prepared for a rigorous engineering course of study in college. PCA Online was an answer to prayer for my family!

Adrienne George, PCA Online


The Virtual Academy at PCA Online has been the perfect education model for my 11th Grade daughter this year. After moving away, we’ve been blessed by the convenient option of both on-campus and online courses that have allowed her to stay connected with PCA friends and the Kingdom education she loves. It’s an added bonus that the structure of the online classes will better prepare her for essential skills in college – like planning, time management and academic discipline.

Gina Wade, PCA Online Parent

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