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Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs

Mission: In pursuit of educational excellence in assisting the community, the mission of PCA Online is:

To extend Kingdom education, by using the digital learning environment, to assist Christian parents by helping equip students to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence and model Christ-like leadership to influence their homes, churches and communities for Christ.

Vision & Values

Vision: The PCA Online vision is to offer assistance to all learners by providing virtual educational resources and/or classes of excellence through Kingdom education so that the generations to come will know the truth of God’s Word and not forget His works, nor be taken captive by the vain philosophies of their day.

Core Values: In order to successfully fulfill the mission, Prestonwood Christian Academy will give priority to seven core values. Each core value must have operating principles that will allow PCA Online to put these core values into everyday practice in every aspect of its educational program.

Doctrinal Belief Statements

Prestonwood Christian Academy ascribes to the following Statements of Doctrinal Beliefs.


Our Core Values

We love PCA Online as it allows our son, Nathan, to have a quality Christian education that offers flexibility in his schedule. Nathan is a golfer and needs the extra hours during the day to practice and perfect his game. We also travel for golf tournaments and his flexible schedule affords him to be able to play even during the school year. The administration and teachers are excellent and are always ready to help with any issue. Nathan has enjoyed his online and shared student programs for the past 4 years. 

Andrea Bardwell, PCA Online Parent

Code of Honor

The PCA Online Code of Honor exists for one purpose, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which means: To the Greater Glory of God.

It is our desire to glorify God that unifies us in both perspective and purpose. The Code of Honor serves as a standard of excellence by which we must all conduct ourselves in order to be a light to the world.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam produces an authentic school pride and cultivates an environment of self-governance that transcends rules and regulations. We respectfully rally around Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam and view our individual duty and commitment as “iron sharpening iron.” (Proverbs 27:17)

Code of Honor Tenets

Prestonwood Christian Academy is a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church